White Tesla Model 3 Charging at Home

Why Do You Need an EV Charger for Your Home?

Simply put, if you have an electrical vehicle, it’s much more convenient to have a charger at your home. In fact, an estimated 80% of EV drivers are charging their vehicles at home. Usually, it’s overnight. People who have had an EV charging station installed in their homes end up getting in the habit of plugging their cars in nightly just like they do with their cellphones.

EV Charger Benefits

There are a number of benefits of having your own EV charger at home, including:

  • Available tax incentives in many cities and states
  • It’s less expensive
  • It’s more predictable
  • Much better for your EV battery
  • No waiting in line
  • A regular cost that doesn’t fluctuate
  • Will attract more tenants (if you’re a landlord)
  • May increase your property value

IRS Tax Credits

Now, this is a major benefit. Did you know that the federal government is currently offering a tax credit on EV charger installation and hardware costs? They’ll cover 30% of those costs up to a maximum of $1,000 credit for residential EV charger installations.

EVs Are Here to Stay

Let’s face it, the EV craze is definitely here to stay, especially with gas prices rising way too often. If you don’t have an EV yet, you might be thinking about getting one. If so, you should probably also start thinking about a home EV charging system. We can help you with that at Secure Contractors, your go-to electrician in El Paso. We have expert electricians with experience in installing home EV charging stations.

Enjoying the Gorgeous El Paso Weather

What could be better on a warm day in picturesque El Paso than putting the top down if you have a convertible EV (or opening up all the windows if you don’t), and enjoying the beautiful weather? And, you don’t have to waste any of that amazing day by waiting in line at a public EV charging station. Just wake up in the morning and your EV is all ready to go. Hop in and enjoy!

Contact Us Today for EV Charger Installation

We know that you’re all about convenience and the good life, and why not? You live in one of the most iconic and scenic areas in the world. So, if you own an electric vehicle and have been dreaming about the convenience of having your own at-home charging station, contact us today at Secure Contractors for professional EV charging installation in El Paso.