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When it comes to electrical service in El Paso, TX, call Secure Electrical Contractors for licensed, professional, and dependable electricians. Whether you’re adding a new room, remodeling, wishing to build a new home, or just needing a simple repair, we can deliver. Our electricians can upgrade, diagnose, and repair any electrical system for the most cost-efficient and safest results.

As a full-service electrical company, we specialize in both commercial and residential services in El Paso, TX. Each team member brings to the job site honesty, knowledge, and a commitment to excellence. With thousands of satisfied clients and successful projects under our belt, you can trust us to handle your project swiftly and professionally.

At Secure Electrical Contractors, we tap on our vast experience to help property managers and homeowners with their electrical service needs. We offer emergency services and one year warranties while following local codes and the national electric code (NEC).

Are you in need of electrical service in El Paso, TX? Contact us today at (915) 221-8214 for professional and dependable service.


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No job is too big or too small for our trained and dedicated team. Check out a few of the most common customer requests below or click to see our full list:

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Is your new business in need of a commercial electrician in El Paso, TX? From electrical maintenance to service upgrades and repairs, we’ve got you covered. Our team of trained electricians has the equipment and expertise to take care of your needs effectively.

Commercial electric systems are sensitive and essential. They can be highly complex to work with and expensive to replace when things go wrong. That’s why you should only work with an experienced electrician in El Paso, TX.

At Secure Electrical Contractors, we’re constantly researching and learning in our field to increase our service capabilities with new procedures and state-the-art technology. We’ll help you find an energy-saving solution for your business. You can rely on our skilled and certified electricians for excellent customer service.

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Installing a generator is helpful in both commercial and residential properties. However, looking for an experienced electrical contractor in El Paso, TX to install the generator can get complicated. Fortunately, Secure Electrical Contractors has years of experience providing professional generator installation services in El Paso, TX.

Generator installation involves many steps, such as putting in place the correct setup for power and ensuring your home can handle the load when the generator power kicks in. So, it’s wise to have our proficient electricians handle the installation process.

Besides making recommendations for the perfect ways to use your generator, we’ll assist you with troubleshooting and maintenance should you have trouble getting the power you need. Instead of struggling with DIY installation guides, take advantage of our affordable installation rates and schedule for service today. Because safety is our top priority, you can trust our electricians’ professional and careful work.

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Lighting up your home is one of the best ways to enhance its functionality, comfort, and style. Whether you need a single lamp for your bedroom or a series of lamps for your entire house, we’re known for offering quality lamps at exceptional prices. We provide a wide range of customizable LED lights with various accessories to heighten the experience, like remote controls, waterproofing, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Our knowledgeable electricians have years of experience and can help you develop an ideal lighting situation at your business or home. We offer lamps in many different styles and sizes, so rest assured that you’ll find the right lighting system for your home or business needs.

There’s much more to indoor lighting than simply choosing something that looks good. You need the perfect level of brightness to minimize eye strain and ensure that you are comfortable. Some of the common types of indoor lighting include:

  • Accent lighting: Accent lighting creates visual interest in your room. You can use it to draw a person’s eye to prized possessions such as paintings and sculptures. You can also use it to highlight window treatments and outdoor landscaping.
  • Ambient lighting: Commonly known as general lighting, ambient lighting provides your room with overall illumination. It radiates comfort levels of brightness and enables you to walk about safely.
  • Task lighting: Task lighting helps you perform tasks like grooming, reading, and preparing food. It should be free of shadows and distracting glare and be bright to prevent eye strain.

No matter what type of lighting you want for your interior design, we’ll help you realize your dream—Call Secure Electrical Contractors for exceptional indoor lighting services in El Paso, TX.

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Like your heart in the circulatory system, the electrical panel plays a crucial role in your electric system. Every current in your electrical system passes through the panel to be distributed throughout your business or home.

Aside from causing inconvenient loss of power, an electrical panel malfunction can significantly increase the chances of a fire outbreak. So, you’ll be better off working with a professional electrician.

Signs you need to repair your panel include:

  • Circuit breakers tripping frequently
  • Your breaker can’t reset
  • Evidence of fire in your electrical panel

Here, at Secure Electrical Contractors, we want to assist you with all your panel repair needs. If we find out that you’re still using a fuse box instead of the modern circuit breaker system, we’ll recommend an upgrade. Don’t hesitate to call us for the best electrical panel repair and replacement services in El Paso, TX.

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Congratulations! If you have purchased an electric vehicle, then you’ve made the first step toward maintaining a greener and environmentally friendly planet. Now what’s left is knowing how to charge your EV battery conveniently.

Rather than going to the gas station, you can get your fill-ups from the comfort of your bed using an EV charging station. Just remember to keep an eye on your battery charge meter and recharge whenever you get an opportunity.

Residential EV charging stations come in different shapes, sizes, and capabilities. The charging time varies, depending on your charger and the size of your battery. If you need an experienced electrician in El Paso, TX for an EV charger and charging station, we can help.

We provide only the most reliable and safest charging stations on the market. Why settle for a poorly set up charging system or a slow charger? Reach out to us for top-rated EV charger installation services in El Paso, TX.

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