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What Goes Into Electrical Maintenance?

Routine checks and troubleshooting of your electrical system can help you avoid disruption of your electrical service and the expense it would take to repair it. It can also prevent catastrophes such as electrical fires.

During electrical maintenance, our licensed electricians check all of the aspects of your electrical system to make sure they are in good working order. They might need to do some troubleshooting or repair if they find something wrong. Some of the tasks the electrician performs include:

  • Checking electrical appliances and machines
  • Checking circuit breakers
  • Inspecting power outlets and switches
  • Examining air conditioner wiring
  • Looking for electrical damage

Different Types of Maintenance

Electricians can perform preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, and failure-finding maintenance. During preventive maintenance, the electrician checks your circuit breaker, relay, and other components to make sure they are safe and in good working order. Predictive maintenance involves checking those systems that are likely to break down sooner rather than later. To do this, the electrician analyzes temperature, reflectivity, and emissivity using infrared testing and other techniques.

When the electrician performs failure-finding maintenance, they will look for problems that may affect the safety of your system. This can prevent dangerous electrical fires. If you have one, the electrician also tests your standby generator to make sure it can operate effectively if there is a power outage. They also check cables and make sure wires are in good shape and installed the right way. They examine surge protectors and repair them if necessary. The electrician also replaces items that have worn out.

In addition to wiring for outlets and appliances, our electricians also check your lighting system. Maintenance may be as simple as changing a lightbulb that’s gone out or troubleshooting a complex control panel.

Depending on the state of your electrical system, the electrician may perform one or all of these types of electrical maintenance tasks. Along with ensuring that your system is safe from potential hazards, electrical maintenance can help you maintain code compliance with local regulations in El Paso, TX.

Call Secure Contractors for Electrical Maintenance

Our professional, licensed electricians serve both residential and commercial customers in the El Paso area. We are proud to provide a full range of electrical services to our Sun City residents. Besides electrical maintenance, we install and repair electrical panels, lighting systems, generators, and EV charging stations.

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