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Johnathan Abou-Fadel
Johnathan Abou-Fadel
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" Very hard working and honest electricians! They will get your problem fixed and explain everything to you while getting you the best deal possible! Definitely recommend! "
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez
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" Installed my recessed lights professionally and on time. Gave me expert advice on the best lights for my house! Thank you very much! "
Ethan Centro
Ethan Centro
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" Moises was very respectful and I really appreciated that, he was always on time and he was always busy. I would highly recommend, very hard working and knows exactly what he’s doing. "
Izzy Fernandez
Izzy Fernandez
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" Moises and his assistant were very easy to talk to and immediately got straight to work, I swear my wiring was a disaster and thanks to both of them I can breath easier now, definitely will be saving this number, absolutely my go-to for a job well done. "
Roberto Casas
Roberto Casas
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" Awesome person and very professional. Helpful and explained everything in great detail. Highly recommend to all. Came out on a Sunday to work on my electrical issue. Thank you "

Electrician in Horizon City, TX

When Secure Electrical Contractors was founded, the goal was to provide world-class electrical service in Horizon City, TX at affordable prices with friendly, personal care. Over the years, that’s exactly what we have done. This has made Secure Electrical Contractors the go-to electrical contractor in Horizon City, TX. 

Not only do we fully guarantee your satisfaction with every job that we perform, but we’re also fully dedicated to transparent and upfront pricing designed to take the guesswork out of determining how much you will have to pay. When you choose Secure Electrical Contractors as your electrician in Horizon City, TX, our goal is to establish a long-term relationship so that you want to choose us every time you have an electrical need.

Contact the trusted electricians in Horizon city, tx today: (915) 221-8214!

The Importance of Using a Commercial Electrician

When you own or manage a commercial facility, it’s crucial that you choose a commercial electrician in Horizon City, TX who is familiar with commercial codes and ordinances. It’s also a good idea to choose an electrician who is experienced with commercial facilities that are typically larger and have more complex electrical systems in place. 

Secure Electrical Contractors has been working with business owners in our area for years. We want to ensure that their business has access to the electricity they need to provide a safe, functional and convenient building for their employees and clientele. Let our business help your business by providing the electrical maintenance, repairs, upgrades or installations that you need to keep your facility running correctly.

Generator Installation for Your Business

When a storm or some other type of event knocks out the power in your home or at your commercial facility, it’s vital that you have systems in place that keep your facility up and running. With the need for lighting, heating, cooling, computers and a variety of other systems, electricity is a necessity. That’s why you should find an electrical contractor that offers generator installation in Horizon City, TX. Our team of electricians can do much more than simply install your generator. We also make sure that our electricians know how to help you choose the right generator that will be cost-effective when meeting your backup electricity needs.

LED Lighting and Its Benefits

As a business owner, you already understand the importance of maximizing every dollar that comes into your company. While you’re always monitoring the cost of labor, goods and other necessities, it’s important that you look for ways to invest in the productivity and efficiency of your business. LED lighting in Horizon City, TX has been proven to have a positive financial impact. Not only are LED lights more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, but thanks to their brightness, experts indicate that they increase productivity by increasing reading speed by around 5% on average.

Panel Repair or Replacement

The electrical panel in your home or commercial facility is essentially the heart of your entire electrical system. If something has gone wrong in your panel or the panel has simply become outdated and inefficient, it’s important that you respond quickly by scheduling panel repair or replacement services in Horizon City, TX. Having your panel repaired quickly is crucial when you’re experiencing commercial or residential electrical problems. 

However, if your panel has been in place for decades, there’s a good possibility that a replacement is a better option. As technological advances have altered the way that we use electricity, panels have also upgraded in order to keep up. If you have an outdated panel, you may begin to notice flickering lights, knocked breakers and an insufficient power supply to parts of your business. Call Secure Electrical Contractors today to ask about an evaluation to help you decide between panel repair and replacement.

EV Charger Installation

With the growth in popularity of electric cars, the need for EV charger installation in Horizon City, TX is even more prevalent than ever before. Fortunately, our electricians know how to install EV charging stations. One of the best feelings for a homeowner is knowing that while contributing to the environment, they are also saving money with the convenience of fueling their new vehicle at home.

For business owners, It’s also worth noting that providing a place for people to charge their electric vehicles lets customers know that you’re an eco-friendly company. Not only is this the responsible approach to take for a business, but it also causes like-minded customers to want to deal with your business.

Meeting All of Your Needs

Our customers have continued to call us for all of their electrical needs, whether they are residential or commercial. Our electricians have built a reputation for providing reliable service at affordable prices. We also believe in fully satisfying our customers. No matter what type of electrical needs you have, call Secure Electrical Contractors today at (915) 221-8214. Find out why we’re the go-to source for electrical services Horizon City, TX and the surrounding areas.

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