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Johnathan Abou-Fadel
Johnathan Abou-Fadel
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" Very hard working and honest electricians! They will get your problem fixed and explain everything to you while getting you the best deal possible! Definitely recommend! "
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez
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" Installed my recessed lights professionally and on time. Gave me expert advice on the best lights for my house! Thank you very much! "
Ethan Centro
Ethan Centro
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" Moises was very respectful and I really appreciated that, he was always on time and he was always busy. I would highly recommend, very hard working and knows exactly what he’s doing. "
Izzy Fernandez
Izzy Fernandez
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" Moises and his assistant were very easy to talk to and immediately got straight to work, I swear my wiring was a disaster and thanks to both of them I can breath easier now, definitely will be saving this number, absolutely my go-to for a job well done. "
Roberto Casas
Roberto Casas
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" Awesome person and very professional. Helpful and explained everything in great detail. Highly recommend to all. Came out on a Sunday to work on my electrical issue. Thank you "

Code Compliant electrical upgrades in el paso, TX

Secure Electrical Contractors is a locally owned business that has been serving El Paso, TX residents for years. Our electricians know everything there is to know about electrical code compliance in El Paso, TX. If you are remodeling an old home, building a new construction, or need total rewiring, it is essential to hire a professional and qualified electrician to ensure everything is in compliance with local codes. When we perform electrical upgrades, you can rest assured that you will never be in violation of any electrical codes. We take this matter very seriously and strive to complete every job properly and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. With our honest and upfront pricing, you will always know what the costs are. You will never receive surprise charges. When it comes to electrical upgrades in El Paso, TX, trust the experts at Secure Electrical Contractors.

Trust our licensed professionals for your electrical upgrades in el paso, TX! Call (915) 221-8214 now!

The Importance of Staying up to Code

Staying up to code is important for safety and proper electrical distribution throughout your home. Wiring that is not done properly can overload breakers and increase the risk of electrical fires. If you are upgrading the electrical system in an old home or preparing for a remodel, it is especially important to hire a professional electrician to ensure all new wiring is up to code. Old wiring is not rated for the increased usage that we put on our electrical systems these days. It also is not rated for modern appliances and electronics. At Secure Electrical Contractors, we can handle all necessary upgrades and electrical inspections in El Paso, TX. 

Common Electrical Code Violations

When it comes to electrical codes, there are national and local codes that need to be adhered to. The National Fire Protection Association has established the National Electrical Code (NEC), which all 50 states follow. Each state has its own codes that need to be followed in addition to the NEC. Some of the most common violations include

  • Installing new lights and using the old wires: New lighting runs hotter than older lights. Old wiring is not rated for these temperatures, and using old wiring with new lights is a fire hazard.
  • Permanently splicing wires together: Wire should only be spliced for temporary purposes by a professional electrician. Splicing wires together creates a high risk for fires.
  • Too many wires in the same opening: There should be no more than three wires running through a 7/8-inch diameter opening. Including too many wires in the same opening can cause damage and expose wires.
  • Nails and screws penetrating wires: Nails and screws must be used in accordance with the NEC when used to secure wiring. Improperly installing nails and screws can damage wires and cause an electrical fire. A professional electrician will know all of the criteria for securing wiring with nails and screws.

These are just a few of the most common electrical violations. With all of the criteria for wiring from the NEC and local entities, it is best to always hire an experienced and licensed electrician. Trying to do wiring yourself can result in a devastating fire down the road. At Secure Electrical Contractors, we know all of the NEC and local compliance codes. We have the experience to handle any type of electrical upgrade.

Turn to Us for Your Next Electrical Upgrade

If you’re thinking about remodeling or upgrading the wiring in an old home, Secure Electrical Contractors wants to be the company you turn to. Every electrical upgrade receives our complete attention. All codes and regulations will be followed. Our electricians are always professional, knowledgeable, and honest. Secure Electrical Contractors is fully licensed, insured, and qualified to handle any electrical upgrades in El Paso, TX. 

We take customer service seriously, and as a locally owned and operated company, we strive to build long-term relationships with all of our customers. For electrical work you can count on, it is time to turn to Secure Electrical Contractors at (915) 221-8214.

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