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" Moises was very respectful and I really appreciated that, he was always on time and he was always busy. I would highly recommend, very hard working and knows exactly what he’s doing. "
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generator repair and installation in El Paso, TX

Nowadays, we strongly rely on power and technology to work efficiently and live comfortably in our homes. That’s why it’s paramount to have alternative power sources such as electric generators that work effectively during power outages. Only insured and certified technicians should do generator installation in El Paso, TX.

Otherwise, you risk facing electrical back feeding and other serious complications. At Secure Electrical Contractors, we understand all installation safety measures, including the amperage, electrical wiring, and grounding. What’s more, we’ll help you settle for the right energy option for your needs in El Paso, TX.

#1 rated generator repair and installation in el paso, TX: (915) 221-8214!

All You Need to Know About Electric Generators

Electric generators are standalone devices that provide electricity during power outages. Note that they don’t create electrical energy. Instead, an electric generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

To do this, they capture the power of motion and force electrons from an external source through an electric circuit. Modern-day generators work through the principle of electromagnetic induction.

So, what type of generator should you use?

There are two types of generators ideal for residential properties: standby and portable generators.

Portable Generators

Portable generators come in various power configurations useful for a variety of applications. They come in handy when grid power breaks down or during natural calamities. They’re immediate solutions suitable for residential properties and smaller commercial establishments like retail outlets.

Portable generators need constant refilling of fuel, and you can either use gasoline or propane. Consider installing a transfer switch if you want to use your generator to power your entire home. This device can also help you power your electrical circuits.

Standby Generators

Unlike portable generators, standby generators are permanently installed backup power systems that switch on automatically during power outages. These systems are helpful for commercial establishments and residential properties connected to grid power.

You can fuel your standby generator with liquid propane or natural gas. These backup systems can power various items in your home, including furnaces, well pumps, water heaters, and lighting circuits. They’re also efficient on high-wattage systems such as ACs and electric stoves.

When choosing an electric generator, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. So, before you invest in one, consider things like your home power demands and the fuel source.

Do you prefer a permanently installed automated solution or a portable one? Here at Secure Electrical Contractors, we’ll listen to your power needs and help you choose the perfect electric generator for your home.

What Are the Benefits of Installing An Electric Generator?

As a homeowner, installing an electric generator is among the best decisions you’ll ever make. If you experience frequent power outages or rely on electricity to work from home, then you should never take chances with electricity availability in your home.

Although power outages are possibly here to stay, the right home generator can protect you from blackouts. Even if the power supply gets shut down for a while due to maintenance and repairs, standby generators will keep your home powered.

And if you’re building a new home, upgrading, or constructing an extension on your house, electric generators can provide power during the entire construction process. This helps you save some bucks on the total construction costs.

Generator installation in El Paso, TX can’t be satisfactory without the help of licensed and certified electricians. At Secure Electrical Contractors, our highly skilled electricians work to ensure they install the perfect generator in terms of efficiency, functionality, and affordability.

Besides offering reliable installation services, you can count on us for professional generator repair in El Paso, TX. We’ll accurately diagnose the problem, check the system components, and offer a viable repair option.

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With Secure Electrical Contractors, expect nothing less than top-notch, fast generator service in El Paso, TX. With years of industry experience, we know what it takes to offer the top-rated service our clients deserve. All our electricians are licensed and screened and always arrive at appointments on time. Whether you’re looking for expert generator repair in El Paso, TX or installation services, count on our highly trained team to help.

Are you in need of an energy-efficient generator in El Paso, TX? Contact us today at (915) 221-8214, and our experienced electricians will walk you through the installation process.

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