electric car charger

5 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Lifespan of your EV Charger

Many are installing an electric car charger in their home. It can be a costly yet worthwhile investment, one that requires some maintenance to ensure its longevity. Several preventative maintenance tips, such as the five below, can help increase your EV charger’s lifespan.

1. Check the Components Once Per Week

You don’t need to worry about taking anything apart. All you have to do is look over the EV charger once a week and make sure everything looks the way it’s supposed to and seems to be operating normally. For instance, check that there are no frayed wires or cracks. 

2. Wipe the Charging Station Once a Week

Don’t let dirt and debris build up on the charging station. Grab a slightly damp microfiber cloth, top it off with a little mild soap, and gently wipe it down. Consider doing this at the same time you look over the charger, allowing you to combine two tasks into one so you can get it done and over with for the upcoming week.

3. Schedule Annual Professional Maintenance

You should have our professional electricians come in and look over your EV charging station about once per year. They can ensure everything is working properly and that there are no potential problems in the making. If they spot something odd during their evaluation, they’ll be able to fix it before it becomes a major issue.

4. Call for Repairs

Whether you’re doing a self-inspection or going about your standard charge, you might notice certain problems with your EV charging station, such as that there’s a strange smell or your vehicle isn’t adequately charging. If something seems wrong, don’t try to fix it yourself, as you could easily get hurt. The problem could also worsen, resulting in a much higher expense to fix it than what it would have initially cost. 

5. Put Back the Charging Cable

One of the best ways to protect your EV charging station is to put the charging cable back after you’re done using it. For example, don’t charge your car and leave the cable on the ground where it could get run over by another vehicle or chewed by an animal. Return it to its rightful place to help maintain its condition.

Maintain your electric vehicle charging station and help extend its lifespan. Contact Secure Contractors today in El Paso, TX, if you need professional EV charging station assistance. Our team is available to provide standard help and emergency repairs.