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Top Electrical Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Kids are curious by nature, and experimenting is one way they learn more about their environment. Electric outlets, wires, and tools can be extremely dangerous to exploring children. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep kids safe.

Protect children from danger and severe injury due to electric shock by educating them about safe behaviors around electricity and limiting access to electric outlets and appliances. The professionals at Secure Electrical Contractors would like to share these tips to help educate your kids about electrical safety at home and outdoors.

Electrical Safety Around the House

Moving furniture in front of or putting plastic caps in unused outlets helps keep curious kids safe. If you have exposed electrical cords in various rooms at home, try to secure them behind furniture or under a throw rug or taped to the floor so that children will not be able to pull on or play with them.

Here are other tips to share with your kids to keep them safe from electrical power at home:

  • Never put anything into electrical outlets except for a plug.
  • Never put anything into unused outlets on an extension cord (consider wrapping unused outlets with tape).
  • Never chew on electrical cords.
  • Keep knives and other metal objects out of the toaster
  • Never pull a plug out of the wall by its cord; always grab the plug itself.
  • Never use anything that plugs in while you are around water.
  • Never use electrical items if the cord is frayed, cut, or otherwise damaged.
  • Never plug a bunch of different things into one extension cord or outlet.

Outside Safety in the Yard

When your kids play outdoors in their yard, you would like to think they are not at risk. However, if your yard is close to power lines, keep your children safe by explaining the following scenarios and the importance of staying away and telling an adult if they see a broken power line.

  • Do not fly kites anywhere near power lines.
  • Do not climb or touch trees that grow by power lines.
  • Never go near any broken or fallen power lines.
  • Never fly drones near power lines.

Electrical Safety in the Neighborhood and Parks

Electrical substations and equipment are located throughout El Paso, TX communities. These items display warnings to keep people away, but some children cannot read yet and do not know to avoid these structures. Protect your kids by pointing out the things they need to keep well away from during playtime.

  • Emphasize the importance of obeying all posted warning signs.
  • It is never allowable to climb on power poles.
  • Do not go near power lines and substations; tell an adult to call the electric company if a ball or toy ends up inside a substation fence.
  • Never touch green metal transformer boxes with posted warning signs.

Let Us Help Keep Your Family Safe

Teaching your kids to have a healthy respect for the dangers and power of electricity can let them enjoy the wonder and benefits of electricity while remaining safe from harm. We have many satisfied customers in the community and serve both residential and business electrical needs. Our team offers a range of services, including code compliance inspections and upgrades, indoor lighting installation, and generator repair. No problem is too big or small, so if you have any questions or need help from qualified, professional electricians, call us today!