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See Why Preventative Electrical Maintenance Is Important Before Winter

Did you know that electrical issues have been known to cause everything from injuries to property damage and even deaths when electrical systems aren’t properly maintained? That’s why preventative electrical maintenance in your El Paso, TX home is so important prior to the start of winter. So, we’ve put together a list of other electrical issues that warrant preventive maintenance at this time of the year and how to solve some of them.

Reason #1: You Need an EMP

An electrical equipment maintenance plan (EMP) involves conducting routine tests, inspections, and servicing all electrical equipment in your home to prevent any impending electrical problems. Without one, you and your family could be facing unsafe conditions and/or household damage.

Reason #2: Winter Power Outages

The electricity in your home is its backbone since it runs practically everything, so it requires proper attention when it comes to preventative maintenance. Often increased power outages can occur during a winter storm. For this reason, you want to ensure that everything electrical is functioning correctly.

Reason #3: Electrical Hazards

Fires caused by electrical sources are among the most common home hazards in this country. They can be caused by broken wires, excess moisture, or overloaded breakers. Safety is always of the utmost importance for you, your family, and your pets. So, you should be well aware of any electrical hazards during the winter months when your heater and electrical system are working overtime.

Reason #4: Your Heater Needs Testing and Maintenance

You may need to do some cleaning and maintenance on your heater since it hasn’t been used since last fall. Maintaining your heater before the start of winter can reduce the risk of fire and help it run more efficiently. At Secure Contractors, we perform professional HVAC system tune-ups to ensure your heater is in perfectly safe working condition.

Reason #5: Unexpected Snowstorms

Although El Paso doesn’t see many snowstorms, there’s always the exception as we saw over the past two years. Now that winter is coming, you might want to consider having a whole-house generator installed. That way, you’ll never have to worry about power outages again. Or, if you already have one, have us check and service it for you so that you know it’s working properly.

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At Secure Contractors in El Paso, TX, we take preventative electrical maintenance very seriously and want to help you with making your home safer and more comfortable this winter. If you’d like to schedule a home preventative electrical maintenance service, our electrical team is standing by to help you with that. Contact us today.