What Are Some Common EV Charger Issues?

Recently, more drivers have chosen electric vehicles (EVs) to avoid using fossil fuels. A growing number of EV owners have had EV chargers installed at home. Like any other electronic device, these chargers can develop problems, and troubleshooting is essential to know what is wrong. Here are common problems and how to resolve them.

The EV Charger Doesn’t Power Up

In many cases, the problem is a tripped circuit breaker. If the breaker has tripped, resetting it might fix the problem. However, if this happens often, consider having the cause investigated.

Other reasons for this type of problem include loose connections and the charger being defective. When either of these issues apply, you need to consult an electrician.

The Charger Works Intermittently or Disconnects

Sometimes, the charging cable becomes worn, or the charging port gets dirty. These are relatively minor issues, but they can affect how well the charger does its job.

The charging port can also become damaged. If anyone has been careless about handling the cable while plugging or unplugging the car, this can cause port damage.

Sometimes, frigid weather may impact the charger’s performance. If the situation does not resolve when the weather warms up, consider having an electrician check things out.

Your EV is Slow to Charge

Your home might not have the circuit capacity required to charge an EV. If this is the case, it would be best to consider a panel upgrade because your charger requires a dedicated circuit.

Level 2 chargers are better for more effective charging. If your home has a Level 1 charger, consider upgrading to Level 2.

Sometimes, the problem is with the EV itself. When there are issues with the EV, it’s wise to seek the assistance of a professional who services EVs.

The EV Charger Makes Odd Noises or Has Blinking Lights

Blinking lights or unusual sounds may indicate electrical issues or a charger malfunction. Either way, the EV should be unplugged until an electrician can check things out.

Problems with the charger could be a safety risk. Car batteries and chargers have been involved in several fires or explosions. This points up the need for prompt servicing.

You Are Getting Error Messages From Your EV Charger

One of the most common reasons for error messages is a fault in the unit. Sometimes, the issue relates to compatibility.

Checking your EV manual to decipher the error message is a good start. If the issue is a fault in the charging unit, you will need to call an electrician.

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