Residential standby generator on a concrete pad

Signs That Your Generator Needs Service Before the Holidays

With the holidays around the corner, you might already be planning for the festivities. One thing you need to remember is that power outages can occur unexpectedly. When they do, a home generator can be very convenient. However, this appliance will only be helpful and safe to use if it’s in good shape. Here, you can learn more about why your generator might need to be repaired before the holidays.

Slow to Start

If you have a standby generator, it should turn on almost instantly when needed. If it doesn’t, there could be some sort of issue related to your engine or battery. You may need to add more oil, replace the old oil in the system, change your spark plugs, swap out your battery for a new one, or address a clogged fuel valve. You’ll have to check these same components if you’re having trouble starting a portable generator. Just note that it may take a few tries to start one of these generators, especially when the temperatures drop during the holiday season. However, if you’re having difficulties even after a few tries, it might be time to get your system repaired.

Frequent Stalling

Another problem has to do with the engine stalling after you’ve got everything running. One possible reason for this situation is overloading. A generator might not be able to handle an excessive load and will shut off if overwhelmed. Alternatively, you could be experiencing a fuel issue. Low fuel will cause a generator to turn off, as will problems with fuel delivery. A professional can assess what’s going on and take steps to resolve it.

Low Power Flow

During the holidays, you might place a lot of demand on your generator. With shorter days, you’ll need to turn on the lights earlier in the day. You might be spending more time at home, using the refrigerator and cooking appliances more often. If you have a powerful generator, you might also use your unit to power your decorations. A generator in need of repair could have a hard time keeping up with your needs. You might notice flickering lights or power shutting off when the system is strained. It’s a good idea to call for help if your generator isn’t giving you the amount of power that it has in the past.

Problems You Can See, Smell, and Hear

Sometimes, generator problems are very obvious. Many new models come with warning lights that can notify you of issues. Plus, oil leaks are usually obvious, as they involve oil pooling around the generator. Smoke, burning smells, and loud noises can be cause for concern as well, especially during the busy holiday season.

Help Is Available

Recognizing the need for generator repair is an important first step. Fortunately, you don’t have to repair your system on your own.

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