Electrician at work on an electrical panel

How to Keep Your Electrical Panel in Top Shape

Keeping on top of electrical panel maintenance is the best way to ensure that everything works as expected. An inspection to pinpoint issues requiring further attention should occur every 2-3 years.

Inspecting your panel should be one of the first tasks you undertake after buying a new house. If the electrical panel is over 30 years old, you should seriously consider a replacement to keep everything as safe as possible.

Check for Dust and Dirt

Dust or dirt buildup can cause issues with your electric service overall. Sometimes, this is hard to keep up with after dust storms that can leave a coating over indoor surfaces.

Frequent dusting near the area where your panel is can minimize these issues. However, avoiding using cleaners that could get inside your electrical panel and cause a short is essential. Wipe your panel down with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Find the Cause of Rust or Corrosion

Corrosion can cause many problems, including malfunctions. When corrosion occurs, the panel might have been exposed to corrosive chemicals or rust from water damage.

This requires immediate attention if there are signs of moisture anywhere near your panel. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination that can lead to severe injury or death.

What Can an Inspection Uncover?

One of the most essential things an inspection can uncover is whether your home has an outdated electrical panel that is incapable of keeping up with current demands. Outdated panels are easily identifiable and dangerous because they might not trip during an emergency. When a panel doesn’t trip, it means there are no safety measures in place. This could increase the chances of a fire.

An inspection showing burn marks or discoloration indicates a prior electrical fire that may have stayed contained within the panel. When such fires occur, they often extinguish themselves because they lack an external fuel source. Also, you might not notice anything unless the fire becomes more widespread.

When you have to reset breakers frequently, there is a chance something has deteriorated in your panel. Tripping breakers should be rare in situations where everything works as it should. This presents a potential problem if you intend to have new appliances installed.

Burning plastic because of electric issues has a distinctive odor. If this is an issue you have encountered, having this checked out as soon as possible is a good idea. Maintaining your electrical panel is crucial for preventing device malfunctions and more severe issues, such as house fires.

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