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Top 4 Reasons Your Lights Are Flickering

When you spend a lot of time in your home, you rely on the lights to illuminate different rooms and make it possible to have enough visibility. Unfortunately, it’s common to encounter issues that can lead to the lights blinking and flickering at random times. If this type of electrical problem starts to occur, there are a few reasons your lights may be flickering on your property in El Paso, Texas.

1. Loose Wires

When your lights start to flicker, it can often be due to loose wires, which can become more frequent over time. Although this may seem like a minor issue, it’s also a fire hazard and can put your safety at risk. It’s important to immediately hire a professional electrician from a company like Secure Contractors to inspect the wires and repair or replace them.

2. A Change in the Voltage

There can also be a change in the voltage that causes your lights to start flickering. Homes in El Paso should have a voltage range of 115 to 125 volts. If the voltage is off, you’ll notice your light bulbs start to burn out after a few weeks or months. You may also notice that your appliances start to malfunction and shut off. In addition, your lights can appear dim and fail to emit enough light.

3. The Wrong Type of Bulb

In some cases, you may be using the wrong type of bulb in your home. Although the weather is often warmer in El Paso, the light bulbs can start to flicker when the temperatures drop on a cold day. This is common with fluorescent bulbs that are installed, and it can even occur when the lights are turned on each time. Instead, opt for using anything but a fluorescent bulb to prevent the issue from occurring. Some of the light bulbs can also flicker if they’re loose and aren’t screwed in properly. The inconsistent supply of power is the cause of the issue and is a quick and easy fix.

4. Circuit Overload

When the electrical current is too strong or high, it can cause the circuit to overload. You may notice the lights blink on and off a few times when you start to use your microwave or the dishwasher. Consider hiring a professional to inspect the electrical circuits to determine if they’ve reached the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced.

Reach out to our team at Secure Contractors in El Paso to learn more about why your lights may be flickering on your property. Our professionals will be happy to provide you with assistance and answer your questions.