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5 Signs Your Generator Needs a Repair

Texas has a unique grid system that made the news in recent years when it went out. When you live in El Paso, you know that your power can go out when the temperature is high or low and leave you unsure of what to do next. Having a generator is a great way to make sure your Texas home has power at all times. Check out the common signs your generator needs a repair before you call Secure Contractors.

1. Slow to Start

Though you expect your generator to spring to life as soon as you pull the cord or press the power button, this doesn’t always happen. You may find that you need to do the same steps multiple times before the generator comes to life. Even after it starts, it may run so slowly that you need to wait to plug in your appliances and other items. A generator that starts slowly may need a major repair.

2. Power Surges

Another sign that the machine needs a repair is when you experience power surges. A power surge can affect anything you run with the generator. If you have lights in your home, you might notice that they flicker as the generator revs up and down. Appliances can make a lot of noise as they kick on and off too. This is especially dangerous because you risk the temperature of your fridge dropping so low that it affects the food and medicine you store inside.

3. Lots of Alerts

Modern generators alert you of potential problems. You can check the display to see flashing lights and other notices that let you know there is an issue. A generator that releases a lot of alerts may need more repairs than you can handle. Secure Contractors can help you decide when to repair your old generator and schedule any services you need or when to replace it.

4. Puddles

Generators of all types use oil that lubricates the interior parts and keeps them working. You need to drain and replace the oil when you put more hours on the generator. When you have a power failure in El Paso and use your generator, keep an eye out for puddles under the machine. Those puddles are a sign of a leak inside.

5. Low Power Flow

Another issue is low power flow. This occurs when the generator cannot produce enough power to run all of your things, even though you use less wattage than it can run.

When you experience a low power flow or any of the other common signs of generator problems, you should know that help is only a call away. Reach out to Secure Contractors if you notice any of the five common signs that a generator needs a repair and you live in the El Paso area.