A dangerous situation shown with a burnt electronical socket

Why Electric Code Compliance Matters

El Paso, Texas is a popular city that features both older homes and modern ones. Whether you buy a new or old home, you should always make sure that the electrical system is compliant with building codes. The electrical code is a national code that every state in the country uses. These codes protect your home from serious dangers that include fire. Make sure that you know the importance of these codes and why you should follow them along with how Secure Contractors can bring an old system up to date.

Types of Codes

Construction teams and electrical contractors follow electrical codes because they want to keep their clients happy. The codes they use relate to both the wiring inside your El Paso home and any outlets you have along with other parts of the system. You usually need to have electrical boxes with a cover made from metal or plastic and nonmetallic cables for hidden areas.

Other codes require that the system have 120-volt circuits that run 15 amps. If you have any 240-volt circuits for appliances like your washer and stove, they must run a minimum of 30 amps. The team at Secure Contractors has an understanding of electrical codes and provides code compliance to El Paso homeowners.

Codes for Each Room

When you look through the Texas electrical codes, you’ll find that there are codes that go along with each room in your home. Bedrooms and other shared spaces like living rooms must have a switch next to the door that controls either an outlet or a ceiling fan/light. Hallways need at least one switch, and those that are longer than 10 feet need an outlet. Electrical codes also call for two or more 120-volt outlets in your kitchen that are near or above your counters.

Why You Need to Use Electrical Codes

You need to follow electrical codes because they keep you from overloading your circuit breakers. While your breaker should switch itself off when it gets too much power, a faulty system allows the breaker to overload, which can lead to a fire. An older El Paso home with an outdated system is a danger waiting to happen. You also risk the outlets failing when you try to use two outlets at the same time or dealing with lights that keep flickering.

No matter how old your El Paso home is, you may find that your electrical system is not up to code. National and local codes provide guidance to contractors as to what they must do and what they cannot do. If you find that your home is not compliant with those codes, don’t worry because Secure Contractors can help. Call our team today whether you need help with code compliance or electrical panel repairs in El Paso, Texas.