4 Reasons to Commit to Generator Maintenance This Year

Generator maintenance is too essential to overlook, making it something to commit to this New Year. If you want to ensure the device is ready when needed, having a maintenance plan will keep everything in great shape so you’re better prepared for severe weather.

1. Maintenance Plans Keep Everything Functional

Regular inspection, cleaning, and testing ensure your generator’s readiness in an emergency. Some of the tasks that professionals can perform for generator maintenance include:

  • Changing oil or cooling fluid
  • Checking safety features
  • Cleaning the fuel tank
  • Inspecting filters
  • Getting moving parts lubricated
  • Testing the battery starter system

Keeping everything maintained makes you less likely to have parts failing. The last thing a homeowner dealing with a power outage wants to encounter is having the generator go out at the same time.

2. Ensures Your Generator Performs as Expected

Testing the generator for at least 20 min is a good way to see if any of the parts need replacing. Run the generator at full load to see if there are leaks so you can contact a professional for assistance before things worsen.

The moving parts should not be damaged after the generator runs under normal conditions. To ensure your engine works right, a maintenance professional should ensure the engine fuel is contaminant or dirt-free, as dirty fuel works less efficiently.

3. Prevents Voltage Regulator Issues

Issues involving voltage regulator settings are among the most common, preventable generator problems that require professional intervention. A professional who performs maintenance for generators can ensure that your voltage regulator has the right settings.

Your settings must be correct if you need to run your generator during peak times. Winter storms might bring periods where your power is out for a longer time because of high winds or ice accumulation. The right settings are crucial, then, if you need to access power.

4. Provides Greater Efficiency

Well-maintained generators operate at better efficiency levels than generators that haven’t been well-maintained. Well-maintained generators are more efficient because the parts don’t have to work as hard to produce the power your home requires.

When your equipment doesn’t have to work as hard, you can make the most of your generator whenever you need to use it. A more efficient generator won’t require as much fuel, as well, which keeps your generator fuel costs down.

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