man throwing circuit breaker at residential service panel

4 Signs Your Electric Panel Needs Work

Most homes in El Paso have upgraded electrical systems with circuit breakers rather than old fuse boxes. While you might feel confident that your panel is in good shape and will work for years, there are some signs that the opposite is true. Make sure that you know how to see the warnings signs that your electrical panel is faulty. You can then talk to our electricians about fixing or replacing it.

1. Tripping Breakers

One of the nice things about modern circuit breakers is that they can handle a lot of power. You’ll find a sign on the panel that tells you how much power it can support, which is the load rating. As long as you stay at the maximum load rating or below, you shouldn’t have any problems. A faulty circuit breaker will have a hard time keeping up with the power load. It will frequently trip, especially when you turn on appliances that require more power, such as your washer and the AC you use to combat El Paso’s summer heat.

2. Scorch Marks

No one likes to see scorch marks on their walls. When your electrical panel fails or begins failing, you may see these marks on the walls near the panel. Scorch marks are often dark black and move up the wall. Check other areas of your home for similar marks around your appliances and outlets. While El Paso has good fire departments, there’s no guarantee they will arrive in time if your panel bursts into flames.

3. Fails to Reset

When you trip your circuit breaker, you just need to flip the breaker. This will reset the breaker and allow you to use it again. Faulty electrical panels will often fail to reset. You may need to flip the breaker multiple times before it starts working, but you may also find that this does nothing and that you cannot use the breaker.

4. Burning Odor

Another sign of a faulty electrical panel is a burning odor. If you live close to one of the popular El Paso parks, you might assume that the smell you detect comes from a campfire. Burning odors also come from the fires your neighbors have outside. If you smell an intense burning odor from your electrical panel, however, you need to reach out immediately for electrical panel repair services. The smell signals a short or a serious issue with the wiring in your home, which can lead to a house fire.

Don’t worry when you notice signs of a faulty electrical panel in El Paso. At Secure Contractors, we can help you decide if a panel repair is appropriate or it’s time for a replacement. Call us if you have any problems with your electrical panel.