electrical failure in power outlet isolated

Best Practices to Keep Your Electrical System Safely Maintained

Despite using it daily for a multitude of critical tasks, it’s easy to forget about your electrical system. We often take for granted the convenience of having electricity and what it allows us to do. Consider these important suggestions for safely maintaining your electrical system in El Paso and protecting your home and family.

Prevent Circuit Overload

You may expect that your circuits are all right as long as the breaker doesn’t trip. However, it’s easy to run circuits at their maximum capacity, which makes them prone to fail. If a breaker does fail, you risk serious injury or damage to your home.

A common issue leading to overloaded circuits is adding power strips and outlet extenders throughout your house. While a power strip here or there may work without a problem, using them in nearly every outlet signals you need a system upgrade. Ideally, you’ll have enough outlets for everything you want to plug in. This should be accounted for in the electrical panel design.

Be Wary of Water

Everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix. However, some rooms in your home like the bathroom and kitchen bring them into close proximity. Whenever you have an electrical outlet near a water source, make sure it’s a GFCI outlet. These special outlets disrupt electrical flow when they sense even a very minor flow variation, which happens when water contacts the circuit. This is one of the most important aspects of safety in the prevention of electrocution or severe electrical shock.

Think Twice About DIY Projects

You may think that you can easily run new electrical wiring, add outlets, or wire a new light. Even if you feel you’re competent to perform the task, it’s easy to do things that violate the El Paso electrical code. This poses both a safety risk now and potential issues when you try to sell your home in the future.

Keep an Eye on Electrical Cords

Take a few minutes to inspect the electrical cords on your appliances. Start with your major appliances, and then move to appliances you plug in and unplug frequently, ending with cables that stay plugged in all the time. You want to look for any damage to the insulation, such as fraying or melting. If you see anything unusual, consider replacing the cable to ensure it doesn’t pose a risk of shock or fire.

One Major Draw Per Outlet

Finally, consider the appliances you have that draw the most power. To prevent an overload, set a limit of only one of these per outlet. Obvious major draws include freezers, space heaters, and air conditioners. However, this category also includes hair dryers, toasters, coffee makers, and toaster ovens.

Keep your El Paso home and everyone in it safe by ensuring you properly maintain your electrical system. For any professional assistance you may need, call today to schedule your electrical service appointment with one of the expert electricians at Secure Contractors.