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Tips for a More Energy-Efficient Office This Spring

As we head into the spring months, many business owners start to look at upgrades they can make to enhance their business. When it comes to improving your bottom line, taking a look at your current energy usage can be a great place to start. There are many great upgrades that your business can make to enhance its energy efficiency.

Install LED Lighting

If you have one of those businesses that is still relying on incandescent lighting, it’s time to upgrade. New LED lighting offers significant energy savings and a much longer lifespan. Secure Contractors in El Paso, TX, can work to upgrade your old incandescent and fluorescent lights to new LED lights that can shine brighter.

You may even want to invest in occupancy sensors if you have various areas of your business that are not occupied consistently throughout the day. These sensors will detect when there is movement and turn on the lights in that area. After a set period without movement, the sensors will turn off the lights to save energy.

Switch to Laptops

One area of your business that utilizes a lot of energy that you may just accept as necessary is your desktop computers. Just switching from a desktop computer to a laptop can result in up to 80% less energy usage. Laptops come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to find ones that fit the needs of all of your employees.

Use Sleep Modes on Electronics

Take a minute and think about all of the electronics that your business uses. This includes computers, fax machines, printers, copiers, and so forth. Most modern electronics come with a sleep mode that you can enable. This “power save” or “sleep” mode will provide you with maximum energy savings by reducing energy consumption by up to 70%. It’s best to set your sleep mode to turn on after 5 to 10 minutes of non-use.

Shut Down During Off-Hours

Most businesses will have certain hours or days where there is no staff present. During this time, you can help to reduce your energy usage by shutting all your electronics off. At first, this can seem like a massive undertaking to have to unplug every appliance. However, by installing power strips, you can make it super simple to shut off many different appliances at once.

Let Natural Light In

A quick trick for reducing your power consumption is to let natural light into the office. Closed blinds or shades will keep out the warm sun. Spring weather in El Paso is a perfect time to let natural light in. It’s warm without being too hot. And during the winter months, the sun can help to naturally heat up the office and keep things bright. If your employees struggle with the sunlight being too bright, consider installing a film over the windows. This way, the sunlight can still penetrate without overwhelming your staff.

If you’re ready to invest in more energy-efficient upgrades for your office, contact us at Secure Contractors today!