Close up of a electric car charger with female silhouette in the background, entering the home door

4 Reasons to Have a Professional Install Your EV Charger

With federal and state incentives motivating Texans to buy them, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular in the Lone Star State. In the excitement of getting a new EV, installing a proper charger is probably not the first thing you think about, but it quickly becomes a priority. Consider these four reasons why you should let a licensed electrician install your EV charger in El Paso.

Different Types of Chargers

There are three different types of EV chargers available. The Type I plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet and is what comes with most electric vehicles. However, these chargers take an incredibly long time to charge fully electric vehicles.

DC Fast Chargers use direct current rather than standard residential alternating current (AC). While they are extremely high-powered, they are normally only used at public charging stations.

Type II chargers are what most residents will want to install at their homes. These run off a 220-volt connection and will give you a full charge overnight. Consider the following complexities requiring professional handling.

Required Permits & Inspections

Before you even open your panel, understand that all electrical work in El Paso requires you to pull the right permits. Any time you pull a permit, you’ll also need to have a follow-up inspection to ensure everything is installed correctly. It’s easier to get the permit approved and pass the inspection when someone who does these things daily handles the details.

Dedicated Circuit

An EV charger needs a dedicated circuit to ensure an adequate power supply. That means you’ll need to run wiring along with adding the right breaker setup to your electrical panel. Unless you have experience running wires and rewiring panels, setting up a dedicated circuit is a complex process.

Service Upgrades

On top of a dedicated circuit, the service to your home may not be sufficient to run the EV charging station. The current building code requires at least 100-amp service to homes. However, older homes may have as little as 60-amp service.

Depending on what you use in your home, you may actually need more. A professional electrician will be able to evaluate your service and determine if it requires upgrading. If it does, they’ll work with El Paso Electric to accomplish this.

Panel Upgrades

Depending on the age and setup of your electrical panel, you may need a panel upgrade, especially if you’re upgrading the service to your home. Aside from requiring a permit and inspection, panel upgrades are complex tasks that can create a significant safety issue if not done correctly. While updating your panel, a professional electrician may work with you to separate out circuits to reduce the load to any single area of your home.

Make sure your El Paso, TX home’s charging station is safely installed to operate at its fullest potential. Call today to schedule your EV charging station installation with the professional electricians at Secure Electrical Contractors, Inc.