Stay Safe When Installing An EV Charger At Your Home

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and many EV drivers find it most convenient to have special chargers installed in their homes. Many EVs can be plugged into regular household outlets, but this method can take several days to achieve a full charger. That’s why Level II chargers are in high demand. With a Level II outlet, you can probably get a full charge overnight. If you’re planning on getting a special EV charger installed, remember to follow important safety measures. This way, you, your vehicle, and your home will all be protected.

Give the EV Charger Its Own Circuit

It’s a smart idea to plug your EV into an outlet on its own dedicated circuit. This way, you won’t overload your system. If, for example, you have a refrigerator plugged into a circuit and then you connect your EV to it, your system might not work very well. Plus, you could run the risk of causing an electrical fire.

Make Sure Your System Can Handle the Job

If you have an older home, your wiring might be vulnerable. Wiring can simply deteriorate with age, and people and pests can cause damage, too. During a home construction project, for instance, a nail could go through a wire, or a mouse or chipmunk could chew wiring. Damaged wiring can pose a safety hazard, and that’s why you should consider getting your electrical system inspected before having an EV charger installed. An electrician can assess whether your wiring needs to be redone. In addition, an electrician can figure out whether your home’s electrical system can supply enough power to the EV charger.

Figure Out How to Protect the Charger

Your new EV charger needs to be protected from the elements. Most importantly, you’ll want to keep water out of the system. Otherwise, the water could cause internal damage. Not only could it cause your charger to stop working, but it could also increase the risk of an electrical fire. If possible, have your EV charger installed inside or at least under a carport or other permanent covering. If this isn’t feasible, consider getting a watertight cover.

Contact Us for Assistance

Fortunately, consumers now get to explore a variety of electric vehicle options. When deciding which EV to get, also think about how you’ll charge your new vehicle. Always remember to stay safe when dealing with an EV charger. To protect your new investment and reduce the risk of an electrical fire, be cautious and strategic. Our team is ready to help you with your EV charger, and you can feel reassured, knowing that we follow safety protocols when doing this kind of work. Contact Secure Contractors for assistance with an EV charger installation in El Paso, TX.