Hand Of A Child Turning On Stove Controls

5 Electrical Safety Tips for Parents to Follow This Fall

Statistics tell us that 20% of reported electrical injuries happen to children, and most of those incidents occur at home. To mitigate these electrical risks, there are some safety tips that parents can implement this fall.

1. Have an Electrician Install Tamper-Resistant Electrical Receptacles

Each year, more than 2,400 children are injured by playing with electrical receptacles. Children enjoy sticking objects, such as forks and coins, into sockets. To prevent this, have an electrician install tamper-resistant electrical receptacles. Such receptacles will only work if a plug is evenly inserted. As of 2008, the National Electrical Code requires that tamper-resistant electrical receptacles be installed in all new residential buildings.

2. Store Electronics and Appliances Out of the Reach of Children

Between the ages of nine months and a year old, children pull themselves up to stand. While standing, they will reach for anything that dangles, and this includes electrical cords. Children can become curious and put cords in their mouths, and this could prove fatal. Young ones can also pull computers and televisions down onto themselves, and they can spill liquids onto electrical devices and appliances. Mount televisions to walls, and make sure there are no dangling cords. Store smaller electronics and appliances securely so children cannot get their hands on them.

3. Procure Covers for Power Strips and Surge Protectors

Buttons and blinking lights are tantalizing for toddlers and small children, and this causes surge protectors and power strips to capture their attention. Young ones can partially pull plugs out, touch the prongs, and get electrocuted. Install covers for power strips and surge protectors and secure them up high on the wall out of reach.

4. Avoid Running Cords Beneath Rugs

When decorating for fall festivities, you may use lights. You may also have a speaker for playing music. No matter what, be sure to never run cords beneath rugs. Doing so can be a tripping hazard, and the cords can overheat and cause electrical fires. Small children spend a significant amount of time playing on the floor; thus, they can get hurt when the cords overheat. Keep the cords against walls, and use cord protectors. If you need more outlets than you have, talk with an electrician about getting more outlets installed.

5. Go Over Electrical Safety With Your Children

Children of all ages must be taught electrical safety, as they must learn how to avoid all other hazards. When educating your children, discuss the following points:

  • Never stick anything other than a plug in an electrical outlet.
  • Do not put electronics or appliances near water sources.
  • Do not unplug electronics or devices by yanking cords.
  • Do not put electrical devices, plugs, or cords into your mouth.
  • If you see a downed power line, avoid it, and run to get an adult.

If you want to make sure your El Paso, TX home is safe for your children by removing all electrical hazards, contact us at Secure Contractors for an inspection of your electrical panel and the rest of your electrical system. During our inspection, we will advise you of any hazards we see and help you to remove them. Your children’s safety is our top priority.