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Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Home

When updating lighting, keep in mind that lights are functional mood-setters. They’re meant to provide adequate light, but they also create a vibe. They can make a space bright or warm and cozy. They can also help you to focus, encourage relaxation, and even support the body’s natural circadian rhythm, depending on the lights you choose. Therefore, when you’re planning the lighting design for your home, think about how you use each room. That will help you to understand the type of lighting you need as well as the best placement.

Types of Lighting

You may go into the design process knowing exactly what type of lights you want and where you want them placed. But if you aren’t sure, begin by asking what you want the lights for or what type of task lighting you’ll need.

If you cook a lot, you’ll need bright lights strategically placed in the kitchen. If you entertain a lot, layered, dimmable lighting throughout the open areas of the house will give you the flexibility to change the mood whenever necessary. If you spend time alone, you might want lighting for specific hobbies. For example, you could benefit from a soft light in a reading nook or a bright light over a crafting table. Get specific and go through each room you plan to redecorate while thinking about everything you’ll do there.

Next, consider other types of lighting:

  • Accent lighting – Light up a specific object or feature in or around your home using uplighting, downlighting, and spotlights. Examples are wall sconces, shelf lighting, and flood lights
  • Ambient lighting – Provide wide-ranging illumination in a room. Examples include a central light like a chandelier
  • Decorative lighting – Attractive light fixtures with the dual purpose of providing light as well as decor.
  • Security lighting – Prevent falls in the dark and discourage intruders.

Once you know the types of lighting available, choose the right light fixtures. Pick fixtures that complement your décor. This way, the lights will help to tie the whole room together.

To Show or Not to Show

This is an important question to ask when choosing ceiling lights. Do you want there to be noticeable light fixtures around the lights, or do you prefer to have nondecorative lights brighten up the room?

Don’t Hesitate to Ask an Electrician for Advice

During the design process, don’t hesitate to ask an electrician for advice. Though not interior designers, electricians have invaluable expertise to help you understand the best lighting options for your home as well as to ensure proper installation.

If you’re ready to install new lighting, call us at Secure Contractors in El Paso, TX to schedule an appointment today. You can trust our team of licensed electricians to leave you with lights you can’t wait to show off.