Residential standby generator

Basic Tips for Generator Maintenance

When your power goes out, it can be so nice to have a generator that’s ready to work hard on your behalf. Since you can’t predict when you’ll have problems with power, it’s important to keep up with regular generator maintenance so that your system will be able to help you at any time. Continue reading to learn more about easy ways in which you can maintain your generator.

Change the Oil

Oil lubricates the internal components of a generator’s engine, and in doing so, it minimizes friction, prevents the engine from overheating, and reduces wear and tear. You’ll have to read your generator’s manual to find out how often you should be changing the oil. Some systems may need new oil every 50 hours, for example, while others might be able to go longer. If you wait too long to change the oil, you could end up with engine damage.

Use Fresh Fuel

Fuel can degrade over time, so try not to let fuel sit in a generator for too long. With old fuel, your generator might not run properly, if it even turns on at all. To avoid this problem, you can drain out the old fuel from your generator before filling it with fresh gasoline. Also consider using a fuel stabilizer to extend the life span of your fuel.

Change the Oil Filter

Your oil filter keeps your generator’s engine clean. With prolonged use, the filter can get clogged with impurities. When it gets too dirty, it won’t be able to do its job as effectively, and your engine won’t run as well. Fortunately, changing an oil filter is quick and easy. Your manual should tell you how often you’ll need to perform this task.

Pay Attention to the Battery

Without a working battery, your generator won’t be able to get started. While your battery should have been built to last at least a few years, it will require regular attention in order to live up to those expectations. To ensure a strong connection with the rest of the system, keep its cables and cell ports clean using a soft toothbrush or rag. Covering your generator when you’re not using it can be a smart way to keep dust and debris away from it. Also, make sure the connections are tight. Further, running the generator every few months can help it remain charged and ready for action.

Need Assistance? Turn to Our Team

Performing the basic maintenance tasks described above should allow you to get the most out of your generator. However, if you anticipate needing a hand with anything, you can reach out for professional assistance. Contact us at Secure Contractors to schedule an appointment for generator maintenance or service in El Paso.