Critical Warning Signs That Your Home Needs To Be Rewired

Every homeowner is sure to take their home’s electrical system for granted until the day that it does not work correctly. Then, you become acutely aware of its value. Without electricity, most of the essential features of your home no longer function. From the refrigerator that keeps your fresh food safe to eat to the HVAC system that keeps your loved ones comfortable and safe, it all relies on your home’s electrical system.

But as your home’s electrical components begin to wear out due to age and use, there are some subtle and not so subtle signs that you need to be aware of. Old wiring is one of the riskiest issues that occur over time. The insulation on the wires ages gets brittle, and can fail to protect your home from sparks that could result in an electrical fire. Knowing the signs of old, worn-out electrical wiring is essential for the safety of your loved ones and your home.

Discolored Switches And Outlets

Loose wiring and bad electrical connections are typically to blame for the discoloration you see on switches and electrical outlets. Both of these problems allow electricity to escape from the wire and create dangerous sparks. And when those stray sparks touch the faceplate on an outlet or a switch, they burn it, making the discoloration. In essence, every spark is a tiny fire burning a small part of the plastic safety cover of the outlet or switch. If you notice these slight scorch marks, it is essential that you call a professional electrician before the situation becomes even more severe and starts a significant electrical fire in your home.

You Smell Something Burning

When you are near an outlet and get a waft of something burning, you should instantly become alarmed. That smell typically comes from the sparks burning the switch or outlet cover or other materials near the wiring. It could be the wood used to frame your home or other flammable materials near the old and failing wiring. That odor is a warning sign that you need to call an electrician immediately to avoid an electrical fire in your home.

Flickering Lights

It can be easy to overlook lights that are flickering once in a while. However, when the issue continues, it is a sign of a potentially dangerous situation. You might also notice that the lights only flicker when the AC is running, or the refrigerator turns on. These flickering lights should tell you that there are issues with your home’s electrical wires. They could be old, damaged, or deteriorating. They are no longer doing their job correctly. And they are endangering your home and loved ones. Call a professional electrician to evaluate the wiring in your home and provide you with solutions to eliminate any electrical hazards.

How Old Is Too Old

If you do not know how old the wiring is in your home, it is vital that you have it evaluated by a licensed electrician. Your electrician will be able to tell you the approximate age of the wiring and its condition. Wiring installed over 30 years ago is likely to be wearing out and could pose safety issues. Not only is there an increased risk of a fire, but the wiring could also damage expensive appliances and electronics in your home. Also, if your home has two-prong outlets, not three, then the wiring is over 30 years old and is outdated and unsafe.

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