Beware Of These Home Electrical Hazards

Unfortunately, because homeowners are very comfortable using the electrical system in their home, it can be easy to forget about the potential risks that go hand in hand with all that added convenience. Many homeowners go for decades or even a lifetime without a significant electrical issue in their homes. However, electrical problems, fires, and shock hazards are far more common than you might expect. And without thinking about common electrical hazards, you might be overlooking some potentially dangerous situations in your own home.

Overloaded Power Strips

Improper use of power strips is very easy because they offer so many outlets for you to use. However, it is essential to remember that only one item should be plugged into any outlet. So even if the power strip can accommodate six plugs, it is not a safe choice. Instead, think of these devices as a way to make an outlet more accessible rather than a means of adding much-needed outlets to an older home with too few electrical receptacles. If your home does not meet your needs for the number of outlets offered, call (915) 221-8214 to request a visit from the Secure Electrical Contractors pros to add outlets in a safe and professional manner.

Flickering Light Bulbs

Not all flickering light bulbs are indications of a costly electrical issue in your home. In some cases, it just means that the bulb is about worn out. But you need to investigate and determine if that annoying flickering bulb is ready for the trash can or something more significant is behind the message. The issues causing the flickering could include:

  • Bad wire connections
  • Damaged or deteriorating electrical wires
  • Dangerous voltage fluctuation
  • An overloaded circuit
  • A bad breaker

All of these issues could result in significant damage and hazards if not corrected by a licensed electrician.

Old Or Damaged Outlets

If your home has outlets with only two-prong openings, it is time for a bit of an electrical upgrade. These are older outlets that have no ground wire and are less safe than modern outlets. It is also likely that you have no GFCI outlets in moist areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. These safety outlets are installed to protect you and your loved ones from life-threatening electrical shocks when in close proximity to water. Finally, any cracked or damaged outlets represent an increased potential for electrical shock, sparks, and fires. Call (915) 221-8214 to schedule a repair appointment with the Secure Electrical Contractors licensed electricians before someone gets injured.

DIY Electrical Repairs

Unless you are the original owner of your home and have never taken part in a DIY electrical experiment, then you don’t know what you don’t know. There could be added wires, connections, and less than professional additions to your home’s electrical system that are far from installed to electrical code. But the only way to will discover these potential hazards is with an electrical safety inspection. Call (915) 221-8214 to make an appointment today and know your home is free of DIY shenanigans.