Are You Thinking About A New Hot Tub This Winter?

Nothing sounds more inviting in the wintertime than slipping into a bubbling hot tub. But before you have your dream spa or hot tub delivered, it is essential to determine the electrical requirements to operate the unit. Nothing would be worse than seeing that tub sitting outside and knowing that you can’t use it until you get an electrical upgrade completed.

What To Think About Before Your Hot Tub Purchase

Before you spend a couple of grand or more on a spa or hot tub, it is vital to know a bit about the electrical requirements for this fantastic addition to your yard. And you will need to know what the electrical capabilities of your home are to ensure you can power up your new spa. So the first thing to check on your electrical panel is that you have space for a dedicated circuit breaker for the hot tub. If you purchase a larger spa, you should have a double space in the electrical panel to provide 240-volt power. If the spa is smaller, you might need only a single breaker for 120-volt power.

But it is best to check with your electrician if you are unsure about the remaining space or breakers in your panel. The other question to ask your electrician is regarding the size of your home’s electrical service. All newer homes provide 150 amps or even 200 amp service. But if you have an older home with 100 amp service or lower, you could be looking at a heavy upgrade.

Questions For Your Spa Salesperson

If you are looking at a few different models, be sure to get all the particulars for each spa. Even within a single manufacturer’s line, there can be some significant differences. Make sure you know the voltage and amperage requirements for each model. And make a note about the location of the service panel on the spa. It will be important when it comes time to locate and wire your new spa.

Location, Location, Location

Just like when you are buying a new home, your spa location is a significant choice. There are convenience concerns like having the spa close to the house, on a covered patio, or near a particular door. But there are also more technical concerns like how far the hot tub is from the electrical box and how you will get the electrical wiring to the spa. When you are picturing the path of the electrical wiring, consider all three of your installation options, including:

  • Underground Conduit – This is the process of burying the electrical conduit underground. So you will need the ability to dig a trench from the electrical panel to the spa.
  • Exposed Conduit – This mounts the conduit on your home’s foundation, on a wall, or along a fence. The conduit will always be visible, which is annoying to some homeowners.
  • Through The House – If you have an attic or crawl space, it is often cheaper and faster to run the electrical conduit through the house. Some sections of the conduit could be visible on the outside of the house, but it is far less noticeable than the entire exposed conduit installation.

The method of electrical wiring installation will also impact the orientation of the spa, as the wiring needs to reach the access panel. Think about how you want the panel situated to ensure that you have easy access to the spa. And consider the view that you will have when seated in the hot tub. 

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