Help From A Pro To Baby-Proof Your Home’s Electrical System

When it comes time to make your home safe for little ones crawling and toddling around, you want to be sure that you think of everything. However, it is also a very exciting and busy time. So it is vital that you get some tips from electrical professionals about which devices and solutions work and which ones are responsible for most household accidents. It is also important to remember that your little one or ones will be very inquisitive and creative. So proven safety products and methods are the only ones you should trust.

Outlet Safety

Unfortunately, electrical outlets are right in the prime zone for children who are crawling or just beginning to walk. They are close to the ground and quickly draw a child’s attention. Many of us grew up seeing the plastic outlet covers that pushed two prongs into the outlet with a protective cap-like piece. While these do cover the hazard, they are effortless for many children to remove from the outlet. And once they are removed, they represent an added choking hazard.

A much more reliable option is the tamper-resistant outlet. These units are spring-loaded and have a feature that closes off access to the outlet using a shutter when it is not in use. Adults will need to use two hands to manipulate the outlet when plugging something in, but the safety added by these outlets is undeniably worth the extra few seconds.

Are Power Strips Even An Option?

When you look around your adults-only home, you will likely find several power strips near entertainment electronics and your computers, and other technology. We work in areas that require many electrical devices. And power strips make the entire plugging in process so much less stressful. Plug everything into one power strip and turn it off when you are finished. It provides added safety for electronics and eliminates power vampires that drain your wallet.

When a baby comes into the picture, you are sure to worry about these convenient yet potentially hazardous devices. The short answer is that you can still use your power strips once you purchase a few dome-like covers for added safety. The look is far from attractive, but they do the job of protecting tiny fingers while still powering all of your electronics, chargers, and other appliances.

Some General Electrical Safety Tips

Most homes have many electrical cords that run along the floor or hang loosely down to an outlet. While this is not an issue in an adults-only house, it can be a huge concern when there are small children in the household. Kids are curious and reach for everything they see. It only takes a second and a tug or two to tip a lamp over or pull a coffee maker or other small appliance off a counter. Therefore, electrical cord management is essential to avoid potential burns or harm from a falling appliance. Use Velcro strips to keep cords secured out of reach to eliminate these possible heartbreaking accidents.

The other concern regarding electrical cords and small children is electrical shocks. Small children put everything in their mouths. And that includes a loose cord lying across the floor. Once they begin to teething, there will be the added temptation to chew on the pliable rubber insulation on the electrical cord. Start early and be vigilant when it comes to teaching that handling electrical cords is not acceptable.

For more tips and assistance baby-proofing your home, call (915) 221-8214. The Secure Electrical Contractors pros will recommend the best safety outlets and provide a no-obligation price quote to have them professionally installed.