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Electrical Installation and Maintenance for Governmental and Contractor Projects

Secure Electrical Contractors specializes in electrical system installing for government contract work projects. We’re here to help governmental officials achieve the safety and progress for site work and projects within their facilities. We understand that your needs are different than residential or commercial electrical services, therefore we go about assessing your needs with consideration for your specific job and work tasks. If your governmental or industrial property needs attention from an electrician, look no further than the team at Secure Contractors.

Our Specialized Government Contract Electrical Services

Maintaining an industrial or governmental property can be time-consuming and stressful. When you choose Secure Electrical Contractors, you can manage your facility without having to add electrical issues or maintenance to your tasks. We offer the following specialized services:

  • • Repairs for electrical-based machines
  • • Adding or upgrading LED lighting
  • • Rewiring
  • • New outlet installation
  • • New light fixtures
  • • Upgrading electrical paneling

We are not limited to the following services. We are able to provide additional electrical work when we are granted the ability to take a closer look at your facility and its needs.

Why You Should Choose the Professionals at Secure Electrical Contractors

Secure Electrical Contractors offers on-demand electrical and lighting services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most electricians fail to make their services available at any time of the day and week. The electricians at Secure Electrical Contractors are mindful of customers, especially those who work in governmentally or industrially based work sites. We understand that these professionals need repairs, maintenance, and high-quality electrical services when circuits or systems fail, immediately.

Equipped to Work With Your Budget and Schedule

Each and every customer we come into contact with have different financial needs and tight schedules. Secure Contractor’s team is flexible when it comes to negotiating with our customers. When clients inform us regarding their expenses, what they can afford, and when they are available for electrical repair, we accommodate to them! Oftentimes, we can handle electrical repairs on the first visit, therefore you won’t have to worry about making time for future appointments. Our sense of urgency is second to none.

How We Stand Apart from Other Electrical Contractors

Secure Contractors can repair, install, upgrade, and retrofit any electrical or lighting system, no matter where your facility resides. With a self-performing electrical crew and our own in-house management team, Secure Contractors can handle installations and maintenance on any electrical system. With our support, we have the power to reduce your utility costs while maximizing the progress of your systems. From replacing light fixtures to cutting your power bill and usage, our self-performing team gets the job done.



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