Tips and Tricks To Get You Through the Next Power Outage 

Woman complaining during a power outage at homeMany of us don’t realize how much we rely on electricity until we are forced to stick through a power outage. It happens to every homeowner and, sometimes, power outages can last for hours. The worst part about them is that we never truly know when a power outage will strike. It’s likely to happen during severe weather conditions, but this is not the only time it can happen. Power outages can occur in entire neighborhoods without any clear reason as to why. Either way, once it happens, it’s important to stay calm and follow a plan. Thankfully, the experts at Secure Contractors have provided some tips that are guaranteed to help you throughout the next power outage. 

Check Your Circuit Breakers

What may seem like a power outage may simply be a trip to the circuits. It is best that you check your circuit breakers as soon as the power goes out to clarify. All breakers should be on, but if you come to find a switch that was moved, it is likely that the breaker tripped. Always make sure that all the breakers are in the same position.

Call Your Local Power Company

If a down line hasn’t appeared, you will want to call your local power company to let them know immediately. The chances are that they are already aware, but you can never be too safe. Additionally, make sure to keep your phone usage to a minimum; that way, you can make the necessary calls with sufficient battery. 

Contact Your Neighbors

If your power went out, it is likely that it may have also affected your neighbors. Go outside and check to be sure. It can be hard to tell if there was a power outage, especially in the middle of the day, so don’t hesitate to go up to your neighbors and clarify with them. If there are no lights on during the night, it is likely that they have no power as well. 

Stay Informed with News Updates

Using your phone should be kept to a minimum and that includes using it to hear the latest news. The news tends to report on weather threats and help to keep audiences aware when it comes to planned power outages. By staying informed, you’ll know the cause of the power outage and be able to plan from there. 

Unplug Certain Appliances

It is critical that you do not unplug your fridge. Although, you can go ahead and unplug smaller devices such as the microwave, toasters, and other electronics. When the power comes back on, it can damage some of the devices if they are still plugged in. Any devices you can unplug immediately, do so. 

Keep the Fridge Closed

The fridge runs on electricity. So once the power goes out, the cool air that typically circulates in your fridge will come to a halt. It is important that you keep your fridge closed as long as possible as most of the food that stays in your fridge needs to be kept cool to prevent rotting. 

Stick with Canned Foods and Bottled Water

By adding to the effort of keeping the fridge closed, search your pantry and see what you can whip up. If you have some canned foods and bottled water, we encourage you to stick with these items throughout the duration of a power outage. Many gas stoves use electric igniters so if this is the case for you, you can still light them with a match, but do so with caution!

Never Try to Fix the Problem Yourself

One major rule when it comes to power outages is to never try to fix the problem yourself. Electrical works and repairs should always be handled by a skilled professional. This saves you from potential injuries, damages to your home, and costs that you may not be able to afford. It is important to stick with the necessary steps above. 

Restock for the Next Power Outage

After your power comes back on, you can make a plan that is more readily available to you if and when it occurs again. By restocking food and creating a revised plan, you can be more prepared and comfortable when a power outage strikes. Also, don’t forget to reset your electric clocks, they are disturbed when a power outage strikes! 

Stay Safe and Prepared with Secure Contractors 

The professionals at Secure Contractors work to keep you safe and supplied with the help you need when our electrical wiring begins to fail. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate through problems with your electricity. 

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