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Reducing Your Electricity Usage with 10 Energy Efficient Products

It’s important for homeowners to think about how much they’re paying in bills, especially when the temperature drops. When the cold weather kicks in, we naturally tend to use our electricity as opposed to normal. Although, it can amount to a large bill if you aren’t careful with your electricity usage. In fact, air conditioning and heating make up approximately 46% of electricity usage. Worry not, there’s a simple fix for this! By investing in some of the energy-efficient products we’ve listed below, you can save plenty when it comes to your bill. We take a look! 

Programmable Thermostats

Newer thermostats, better known as programmable thermostats, allow homeowners to alter the temperature in their homes. Oftentimes, these thermostats provide homeowners with the ability to change it with a smartphone application, meaning that the homeowner does not have to be home to do so. You can also set timers on these thermostats so that they can automatically turn on or off. 

Power Strips

Power strips are nothing new, yet, help save tons when it comes to electricity. When electronics are turned, they still consume electricity when they are plugged in. Using a power strip can help you tackle this problem without having to unplug any devices. Power strips have switches that allow you to turn them on and off that way no electricity is wasted. 

Energy Star Refrigerator

Refrigerators are also guilty of consuming plenty of electricity in your home. You can easily reduce the amount your refrigerator uses by upgrading to an EnergyStar model. These appliances are known for being approximately 10% more energy efficient as opposed to the average refrigerator. If you ever decide it is time for a new refrigerator you might as well buy one that can help you save plenty in the end. 

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can help you reduce your electricity bill significantly. These mention sensors are designed to turn lights on and off based on whether you’re in the room with the sensor or not. For example, once you leave the room, it will automatically turn off the light to prevent it from running for hours. We forget to turn off the lights sometimes, it’s normal, but it can also be the same reason why you have a surge in your bill.  

Home Energy Monitor

A home energy monitor is perfect when it comes to showing you what exactly is going on in your home. It reads the amount of electricity you’re using, which appliances consume the most energy, and which appliances are on and for how much time throughout a single day. By looking at your energy monitor, you can make changes to your electricity consumption ultimately resulting in a smaller bill. 

Plug-In Smart Speakers

Smart speakers come with several benefits when it comes to saving on electricity. These new speakers by Amazon allow homeowners to connect to their smart device wherever they are in their homes, all while using minimal power. These speakers are also designed to adjust the thermostat and light fixtures. Similar to a monitor, it can help you understand the levels of electricity you’re using! 

LED lights

LED lights are a considerable option because they last longer than traditional bulbs and require much less electricity to be powered. Even better, some LED kits are becoming more and more advanced which in turn calls for extra features. Kits may include voice control through your smartphone when it comes to dimming or turning lights on and off. 

Conserve Switch Surge Protector

Similar to a power strip, a conserve switch surge protector is designed to allow several devices to be plugged in without taking up so much electricity when they are not being used. What makes this product different is that you can shut off a certain number of devices and keep the others to maintain power. This can be done without having to unplug anything! 

Leak Detector

Leaks can be detrimental to both your water and electricity bills. Thankfully, infrared sensors can tackle that problem! Leak detectors and sensors can track exactly where thermal leaks occur. Plugging your leaks on time can help you save plenty on your electricity bill. With that being said, you can add years of life to your AC and heating system! 

Window Insulator

Whether you have the AC or heater turned on, the cool or warm air can easily escape through a window, especially if it has poor insulation. Window insulators are made to provide the gaps with extra coverage to prevent air from seeping out. Losing warm air or cold air can cause your unit to work overtime which then leads to a higher bill. Properly insulating your home can make a difference. 

Secure Contractors

The professionals at Secure Contractors can run an analysis of your usage to help you gain a better idea as to how you can save. Allow our professionals to help you! Contact us today to get started! 

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