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Experienced and Reliable Emergency Electrician in El Paso

When electrical emergencies happen you need someone who is professional, calm, and knowledgeable. Fortunately, Secure Electrical Contractors has the expertise and skill homeowners and business owners need when immediate action is required. We have some of the best emergency electricians within El Paso County and we are truly dedicated to the safety, health, and happiness of our El Paso families and neighborhoods.

Emergency electricians at Secure Electrical Contractors understand how important it is to attend to electrical faults in the most minimal amount of time possible. Additionally, we can work just as well, even when we are under time constraints.

Our Emergency Electrical Services, Available 24/7

If your electrical system has been damaged by a disaster or has failed to run, you can call Secure Electrical Contractors and expect us to assess your situation immediately. Our emergency electrician is here to provide in-depth knowledge regarding your electrical system and equipment 24 hours, 7 days a week. Making our services available at any time of any day is the top priority of Secure Electrical Contractors.

When you choose our 24/7 electrical emergency services, there’ll be no need to fret. We can commute to you or assist you via phone call, whichever may work best for you.

The Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Emergency Electrical Needs

Whether customers need routine repairs or assistance with new appliance installations, a professional emergency electrician can be trusted with any task. Our emergency electric services can help you by providing:

Help at all hours

  • If you notice smoke coming out of your wires or an electrical device in the middle of the night, there is no time to wait until the morning to call for help. It is advised that you disconnect the electricity immediately if this happens. If there is no sign of smoke or fire, you can contact our services to take a look and to avoid any other potentially dangerous situations.

Circuit breaks assistance

  • If your system is overwhelmed by the power of appliances, this can place additional stress on your circuit breakers. If you notice any flickering lights within your breaker panel, it is highly advised that you contact an emergency electrician immediately.

Quick and reliable services 

  • Our electrical emergency services allow us to meet you faster than average electricians and provide even better reliable assistance.

Common Electrical Emergencies

Overloaded outlets

  • If you place too much pressure on a single outlet, it may heat up and begin to burn. This could leave a black or brown mark surrounding the outlet. If you notice a burnt outlet, it is important to contact a professional and to avoid touching the outlet.

Power outages

  • While some power outages may be scheduled by a utility company or occur due to a storm or a transformer problem, other power issues could be isolated to your home. If you are without power, it is important to call an emergency electrician.

Faulty power lines 

  • Fallen power lines most often occur after a bad storm. Harsh weather and fallen trees can disconnect your home’s electrical system from the power grid. Power lines carry an extremely high level of current, therefore it is essential that you never attempt to move them on your own. Contact an emergency electrician to come and service your power lines, as soon as possible.

Secure Contractors Emergency Electrician

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We're Here to Help You Stay Safe and Keep the Lights On

Power outages and circuit breaks are bound to happen, but we don’t expect any homeowners to have to deal with these problems on their own. Secure Electrical Contractors has the professionalism you need to keep your home utilities and appliances up and running. Contact us today to lern more about how we assist you during these times of disturbance.
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