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Reducing Your Electricity Usage with 10 Energy Efficient Products

It’s important for homeowners to think about how much they’re paying in bills, especially when the temperature drops. When the cold weather kicks in, we naturally tend to use our electricity as opposed to normal. Although, it can amount to a large bill if you aren’t careful with your electricity usage. In fact, air conditioning

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Tips and Tricks To Get You Through the Next Power Outage 

Many of us don’t realize how much we rely on electricity until we are forced to stick through a power outage. It happens to every homeowner and, sometimes, power outages can last for hours. The worst part about them is that we never truly know when a power outage will strike. It’s likely to happen

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10 Most Common Electrical Problems in Commercial Settings

Running a business can be overwhelming when there’s plenty to take care of. Whether you’re the manager or the owner of your workplace, it is likely that you are given several responsibilities, including the safety of your staff and setting. The electrical wiring within your facility can play a major part in whether your business

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10 Small Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

As a homeowner, there’s plenty of bills that you’re obliged to pay. The water, air conditioning and heating, electricity— and those are just utilities, alone. Electricity can add up, especially now that people are staying at home in efforts to mitigate COVID-19. It’s likely that you’ve got enough on your plate. One major way you

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DIY Electrical Repairs: A Risk Not Worth Taking

If you tackle various jobs around your home, it’s likely that you’ll want to take up electrical repair and maintenance on your own. Electrical work is nothing to be played with, though. You might think you have the necessary skills to restore power within your home after wiring or circuits fail, simply by witnessing the

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Basic Safety Rules of Electricity

Electricity is one of humanity’s many wonders. As a basic necessity for living our everyday lives, we use electricity to power our homes, businesses, hospitals, and the list goes on. Electricity is vital to society and it’s hard to imagine how there ever was one without it. We need it, for almost everything and we

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