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8 Different Kinds of Light Fixtures Electricians Can Install

There are many ways you can work with light and manipulate the light you have in your home. With so many types of lighting available, it can be fun and exciting to see what works best in your home, but you might also have trouble finding what’s comfortable for you. Maybe you need a bright white light to keep the rooms alive. On the other hand, you might want something more comfortable, with a soft yellow hue to it. 

Whatever the case is, it’s important to have a professional help you with installation and understand what you can achieve with different kinds of light fixtures. We discuss some of the most common forms of light fixtures to help you narrow down your choices. 

Ceiling-Mounted Lights 

Ceiling mounted lights are commonly seen in bedrooms, living rooms, and the dining rooms of a house. These fixtures are best for creating ambient light, which usually makes a room feel softer or more comfortable. Most of these light fixtures come with a shade to balance the light, that way it’s not too bright or overly exposed. These lights are optimal for more general lighting and dispersed light.

Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights bring character to any room. Although, they are typically reserved for dining rooms, where they can hang freely. Pendants are usually made with a kind of cable or cord from them to hang from to provide light in a downward direction. Pendants light are perfect for when you have high ceilings and plenty of space to work with. 

Recessed Lights 

Recessed lighting is one of the more modern forms that we’re seeing more and more of. They are installed within the ceiling and typically do not pop out. The mechanism of having the body of light shine from the ceiling is made possible due to the wiring that an electrician can work with within your home. Because these fixtures are made to be more demure, they require at least four to eight inches in the ceiling to fit. 


Similar to pendants, chandeliers are another great source of creating ambient light in your home. They also work better with high ceilings, but you also have options when it comes to the length and height for your lighting needs. These pieces are typically easier to install and look best in high-ceiling foyers, over tubs in bathrooms, and also in large, spacious dining rooms. These kinds of fixtures may require contractors to bring in extra equipment to carefully install the lights. 

Wall Lighting and Sconces 

Wall sconces and lighting call for some of the most intricate and decorative fixtures that an electrician can help with. When you are installing lights in your walls, contractors will need to create space in the walls to safely work with wiring. Good thing is, once your electrician has this figured out, they can install the lights to your heart’s desire! 


Spotlights also call for plenty of time in order for an electrician to safely install the wiring for the fixtures. This is because spotlights can have several light bulbs on one system, therefore the fixture might need to be reoriented for the purposes of safety and satisfactory lighting. Although the ability to adjust and reposition these lights brings about some creative ideas for different rooms. Spotlights and track lights are best for kitchens or where task lighting is needed most in the house. 

Landscape Lighting

One of the most unique kinds of light fixtures out there is landscape lighting. When working outdoors, electricians might dig trenches that way they can have the wires reach the source of electricity, which is your home, without coming into contact with anything else outside of your home. They will run the cable and pull it through the wall that way it’s easier to access in case there is an emergency with your fixtures. 

Light Dimmers 

Light dimmers, especially, require the expertise of a professional electrician. They are a quick fix and replacement when it comes to your light switches, but wires are involved which is why you need a professional to assist you. They can connect the new dimmer switch, replace the wall plate as well, and turn the power back on and have your desired light in no time. 

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