10 Small Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

As a homeowner, there’s plenty of bills that you’re obliged to pay. The water, air conditioning and heating, electricity— and those are just utilities, alone. Electricity can add up, especially now that people are staying at home in efforts to mitigate COVID-19. It’s likely that you’ve got enough on your plate. One major way you can gain more control over your finances is by cutting down your electricity bill. People are constantly looking for ways in which they can reduce their electricity bill and you can trust us when we say there are several! We discuss ten simple, yet effective tips, that can help you shorten the number on your monthly electricity bill.

Swap Out Old Light Bulbs 

Older light bulbs require more electricity in order to fully provide light. Believe it or not, you could save approximately $75 per year on your electricity bill simply by swapping out the bulbs in your most used light fixtures. It would be helpful to consider purchasing LED bulbs that bear the Energy Star label. 

Install Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches not only allow you to set the lighting to your liking but this is an enjoyable way in which you can save electricity! Because less light is being used, less electricity is required. Dimmer switches are recommended to be installed in rooms where electricity is used the most. 

Air-Dry Your Dishes 

Oftentimes, your dishwasher uses heat to completely dry all dinnerware and cutlery. Doing away with the heat-dry setting can help homeowners cut their dishwasher’s energy use by 50%. You can use the air-dry setting or simply take them and allow them to dry to reduce the costs. Who would’ve known that even your dishes contribute to residential electricity usage and costs! 

Use a Fan Before Opting for the AC

Your air conditioning unit is powered by the electricity that is provided in your home. Your air conditioning uses more electricity the more that you turn the air down to keep your home cool. We understand that the summer heat can be brutal, but if you want to save on costs, it would be helpful to turn on your fan and give it some time to cool you down. 

Consider Motion-Detectors for Less Waste 

We, as human beings, can be forgetful. You may have intended on coming back into your room within minutes, but may have become distracted and forgot to turn off the lights. Installing motion sensors in each room can help you cut electricity usage by turning lights on and off according to when rooms are occupied and in use. 

Keep Your Dryer Clean 

The dirtier a dryer is, the harder it has to work. When it has to work harder, it calls for more electricity and energy to power the system. By giving your dryer a deep cleanse, you can expect to save 6% on your home’s total electricity usage. Always cleaning the lint trap is one of the best ways to keep your dryer clean. 

Use Cold Water for Your Laundry Loads 

Much like a dishwasher, a washer for your clothes requires electricity to warm the water and proceed with cleaning your laundry. If your clothes do not absolutely require warm water, it would be best to switch the settings to cold water that way less electricity is used. 

Replace Old Ductwork 

Older appliances often have to work much harder in order to perform as expected. When a ductwork is out of date and begins to fall apart, it requires more electricity to keep it powered and running. Air ducts with holes, clogs, and leaks can lose around 20% of the AC’s and furnace’s efficiency. If this is the problem, it is crucial that you have a professional take a look. 

Utilize Power Strips

One power outlet is often enough to charge your phone, power your computer, and keep a lamp on. How, you might ask? This can be done with the help of a power strip! When you are not using these devices, you can simply switch the power strip off and it will cut the current, therefore less electricity is going to waste. 

Have an Energy Audit Done 

There are many ways in which you can save electricity on your own, but when you have a professional run an audit and assess your usage, they can tell you where exactly most of it is being used and they can provide you with many other ways to save. The team at Secure Contractors is honored to offer our customers with this service! 

Secure Contractors | Ready to Help 

No matter what your goals are with your electricity usage, our professionals are dedicated to helping you meet them. You can contact us at any time of any day should you run into any emergencies, as well. Don’t hesitate to give us a call! 

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