10 Most Common Electrical Problems in Commercial Settings

Running a business can be overwhelming when there’s plenty to take care of. Whether you’re the manager or the owner of your workplace, it is likely that you are given several responsibilities, including the safety of your staff and setting. The electrical wiring within your facility can play a major part in whether your business can continue operating. Obviously, if there are some flaws, you will be held accountable to have them fixed and attended to straight away. The professionals at Secure Contractors have seen and encountered several electrical situations. We take a look at some of the most common electrical problems we see when we are assisting businesses and their facilities. 

Flickering Lights

If your customers walk into your facility only to notice that flickering lights are hovering over them, this can only break the reputation of your business. In addition to the negative image it creates, this can be a sign of a poor connection in the circuit. If you’ve noticed flickering and dimmed lights, it is crucial that you contact a professional as soon as possible. 

Circuit Breakers

If your circuit breaker shuts off or stutters more often than not, you will definitely want to have this checked out. This can indicate a problem with the panel, whether it needs an entire replacement or a simple adjustment. It is essential that your circuit breaker is up to date, especially when your business is using heavy-duty electricity-based devices. 

Too Little or Too Long in Wire Length

Sometimes stripping or a protective cover may wear off the wiring. Even worse, it may have come too long or too short, interfering with the exposure of the electrical wire. Believe it or not, the wrong wire length can interfere with the power connection and bring about short circuits. 

Unprotected or Exposed Wiring 

Similar to the problem of flawed wire length, exposed wires can create problems with the power supply. All businesses are expected to have secured and protected wiring. Additionally, policy may create regulations determining where and how wiring should be placed to prevent human tampering, as it can cause serious and life-threatening injuries. 

Outlet Sparks

Outlet sparks are nothing to overlook. If you notice any sparks going off when something is plugged into or pulled out of a power outlet, you are advised to turn off the main power source immediately. Letting the sparks continue can cause burning or melting within the outlet and could lead to a fire. Even when turning off the main power source, you should call a professional immediately to assess the conditions of the power outlet. 

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are often induced by the overuse, the misuse, or the improper installation of electrical devices. This can often be seen in settings where a business relies heavily on computers or other electronic devices. It is important that you have an electrician inspect your wiring, especially if there are several being used to keep your staff and business safe. 

Grounding System Problems

What makes improper grounding so dangerous is that it may not always show functional signs of hazards. This problem is usually caused by improper and unbalanced branch circuits and wired feeders. By inspecting your building’s electrical works, an electrician can correct this problem within no time. 

Loose Connections

Loose connections, as harmless as they may seem, can also pose a great danger to those working around them. Loose connections often happen after a building has undergone renovations and repairs. These instances can lead to overheating and arcing, as power systems and outlets work harder to keep devices and appliances functioning. 

Faulty Installations 

Faulty installations can include several mishaps. When installing devices such as air conditioning units, water heaters, telephone wiring, fire hazards are likely to happen, especially if they are not done right. By looking for faults in electrical works first hand, you can prevent these mistakes and problems to occur, which could ultimately damage your appliances and injure your staff. 

Too Few Outlets 

Yes, having two few outlets can definitely pose a problem. If your business is growing and expanding, you cannot expect to rely on power strips and extension cords that are connected to every outlet you have. This can pose a fire hazard. By hiring an electrician, you can troubleshoot and upgrade your office’s works to your satisfaction. 

Allow Your Company to Grow in a Safe Setting with Secure Contractors 

The professionals at Secure Contractors care about the safety and the comfort of the setting in which you and your staff operate. Allow us to assess your electrical works if you have any speculations or worries regarding your system. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.  

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